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  • Vogel Schnee 3 Diamond Painting Diamant Malerei-DiamondpaintingX.ch
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Bird Snow 3 Diamond Painting Diamond Painting

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15.95 CHF
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19.95 CHF
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15.95 CHF

Adhesive surfaces: fully adhesive.
Package content:

• 1x high-quality canvas with a corresponding motif in a suitable size

• 1x diamond tool (also for applying the diamonds)

• 1x wax pad

• 1x organization compartment for the diamonds

• High quality diamond rhinestones

Each product includes everything you need to complete the entire picture.

About the size: The size of the canvas is 5 cm larger than the real pictures. For example, if you order a product with a size of 30x40cm, the real size of the canvas is about 35x45cm.

Perfect for all Do It Yourself lovers - Easy handling
for your home - Ideal as a gift - Relax and escape stress


Diamond painting is a new kind of art with an impressive result.

Our diamond painting sets consist of a multitude of sparkling acrylic diamonds, which are easily attached to the self-adhesive canvas using a symbol / number key.

The following applies: The larger the picture, the more stones and more detailed the sparkling result.

Warning :

You have to complete this picture yourself with the square stones.